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Page reach reporting is changing and you may notice an impression drop

Facebook is changing the reporting methodology for a page’s organic reach which could mean you’ll see a significantly lower amount of impressions.

Except, you won’t actually be affected to the point where your impressions are dropping, it’s just going to look that way because the reporting is going to be more accurate.

(This is a good thing).

Confused? Let me explain.

The change is in the reporting, not your capacity to reach more people.

Facebook has stated that

For Pages, we’ve historically calculated reach based on how many times a post was delivered in News Feed. And for paid ads, we use a stricter definition that only counts reach once a post enters a person’s screen.

So, you will see a drop in your impressions data, but you are not necessarily reaching fewer people.

The change is set to come into effect Monday, 19th February. Though, being in Australia, we are likely to get the change a little later. Sigh.

Remember: This is a change to the reporting methodology, not a change in newsfeed distribution.

Marketers, prepare your speeches for when you deliver your next report, or maybe just link this article to get your point across *link winks at you*.

If it helps, Facebook is aware marketers rely on this data and as such, will be providing the new and old measurements for a time so that we have plenty of time to adapt. I’m not convinced we will really need time to adapt, but we’re grateful all the same.

If you’ve been running ads, you will get it right away as the update is emulating the data we get from adverts. If not, here’s a quick breakdown of what you will be seeing:

You will be receiving data which shows how many times your post actually appeared on someone’s screen.  Traditionally, your impressions data has been telling you how many times it has reached the newsfeed

Newsfeed distribution ≠Impression (at least it doesn’t anymore!)

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