Meet Mitch Jones

Fitting perfectly into the Enriches Team, Mitch has a varied and jack-of-all-trades past.  He’s finished High School (goooooo Mitch) and has an employment history covering retail assistant, salesman, laborer, student, and draftsman.  How did that convince us he’s right for our team? Easy: He has a winning personality, excellent customer service skills, he’s analytical, detailed and determined.

You can train a chimp to use a computer, but you can’t train them into the personality that suits your business. (And, as you probably know, we’re all about personality here at Enriches.)

Mitch loves a good laugh (which is handy because his bosses are funny af) and when asked to contribute to his personal bio, decided that “Likes to take up all of Jess’ time from needing help with his jobs” deserved a place (we don’t mind though, honest).

Mitch is a clever, kind and seriously skilled assistant and in his first few weeks he started nerding out HARD on all this ads stuff – which is what we want, so we were convinced pretty quick we needed to take that intern and make him our official assistant.

He’s a creative, our Mitch. His big goals? Writing a hit song and making it BIG.  (Yes, ladies, Mitch plays the guitar, writes songs and yes, he’s single *Mitch winks at you*)

Where will you find Mitch on a day to day basis? Hanging out in the Marketing department (Jess’ office) furrowing his brows over reports, analysing websites, auditing accounts and coming up with the next brilliant idea to make Enriches shine and take our clients with us.

When we’re not training, strategising or enjoying a cheeky beer over dips and the whiteboard on a later afternoon with Mitch, we’re working on coming up with a creative and fun nickname for him. So far he has rejected *insert naughty words here* (have you seen Horrible Bosses? You know the hitman? We’ll leave that with you to research in your own time) so we’re sitting with Mitchy or Mitch for now.


  • Skateboarding
  • Skiing
  • Beers
  • Burgers
  • Science
  • Playing music
  • Fashion


  • Cheese (We know… weird.)
  • Bad Vibes
  • Being bored
  • Crime


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