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A massive list of FB Ad Q&As

What is the Budget Optimisation feature in Facebook?

How can I know if a website uses Facebook Pixel?

Does it make sense to use Facebook Pixel if my company doesn’t run Facebook ads?


Facebook advertising can be a tricky beast, but one oh-so worth learning and honing in on. It’s not for everyone, and some will make n attempt to DIY, while some will stick to their pre-existing strengths and hand the advertising over to a great agency or freelancer.

Our lead Ads Buyer and Facebook Ads Strategist, Jess, spends a few hours a week or fortnight answering questions on

They are great questions, and Jess takes her time to answer them as succinctly yet detailed as possible. When all of the questions and answers were added up, it makes for an awesome thread!

So here are (some of) the Facebook Advertising and technical questions Jess has answered in the last couple of weeks.

All questions are copied and pasted from the website and may contain typos. 

⁉️ What is the Budget Optimisation feature in Facebook?

The answer to this one is actually broken down in our free Facebook Ads group.

⁉️ What is that one thing that matters most while running a Facebook ad campaign?

You actually understand the people you are trying to target.

No audience understanding – No meaningful, scalable results.

⁉️ Why should I invest in Facebook ads in the time of Instagram and Snapchat?

Because 15–29-year-olds are not the beginning and end of consumerism.

They can also have less disposable income.

⁉️ For Facebook Ads, is it better to have the conversion event ‘Add to cart’ or ‘online purchase’?

Start with Cart for colder audiences, purchase for every hot audiences.

⁉️ How can I know if a website uses Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension

⁉️ Does it make sense to use Facebook Pixel if my company doesn’t run Facebook ads?

Yes. Why wouldn’t you collect data for free if you could? [Edited] Audiences remain on the data collected by the pixel for up to 6 months. If they visited 6 months + 1 day ago, they will drop off your audience.

⁉️ Why is there organic reach for a Facebook ad?

Because some of the people who are exposed to your ad didn’t see if due to the paid factor. If I share your ad on my timeline, for example, the people who see my share are not seeing your ad, they are seeing a post I shared. It is no longer sponsored at that time. If 40 people see my shared post, then you have paid reach + 40 people who saw it organically.

⁉️ Is it possible to transfer the existing Facebook pixel to the new website, after closing the old one, without losing any data?

Yes. All of the pixel data is sent back to the ad account. The website retains nothing except for the source code of the pixel.

It all lives in the ad account.

⁉️ If I leave a Facebook group, will it announce to the group that I left?


⁉️ Does Facebook Pixel work with Instagram?

Yes technically, but that’s not how the pixel works.

It works with your website + ad account. No matter how they find your website, the pixel picks up the visit and the behaviours on site. if you want to retarget them, you can place ads on Instagram.

⁉️ Are there any tips and tricks to making a Facebook ad that will be displayed primarily on mobile devices such as phones and tablets?

In placements, choose mobile devices only if this is for some reason related to a mobile device and that is who you want to target.

otherwise, use canvas and instant experiences (or collection if ecom) as these give the best visual mobile ad experience AND act as a landing page before they leave platform – produces really good quality and motivated audiences when they graduate to become website traffic.

⁉️ How can I set up multiple websites when I only have one Facebook pixel? Do I need to make custom conversions for every event on every site?

Yes, you would. But I would advise against this. Every website will send data back through the pixel to the ad account. It feeds info back such as ages, demographics, purchase behaviour… you don’t want this all mixed in together and going back to lots of ad accounts.

You might have a digital magazine in one targeted to the tech industry, and an e-commerce store on another targeted to new parents. You don’t want that data mixed, and you will also strip yourself of being able to utilise Lookalike audiences.

⁉️ How many sales are recommend to run conversion ads on Facebook?

You can run them right away with no sales on your store, but FB wants to see about 50 in the first week for the ad to optimise and deliver with stability.

I recommend understanding how the audiences will respond to you, first.

⁉️ I intend to advertise my services on Facebook with conversion method? The question is should I pay only for results (conversion)? What if I don’t get any result?

You will set your objective (let’s use “purchase” as an example) and then Facebook will spend your budget trying to locate those within your targeting who are most likely to follow through with the desired action.

If there is one purchase only, and you have spent $100 on finding people, then you will be paying $100 per purchase.

If you are new to ads, I suggest running traffic or engagement ads first and making sure your audiences are on point.

⁉️ Do people decide where ads can be shown or are they run by complex algorithms?

A bit of both. We can choose placements (IG feed or story or both, FB feed or messaging app or both etc) and then the algo delivers it as it sees fit following that.

⁉️ What is a Facebook pixel?

I wrote this some time ago. It covers the basics but may be slightly out of date.  What’s the pixel and why do I need it? – Enriches Business

⁉️ Why is GA reporting a much higher number of sessions from ads than Facebook is reporting in clicks?

Are you measuring landing page views on Facebook, or ‘clicks’? These are two different metrics.

Landing page views indicate that following the click, the user allowed the page to load which in doing so, triggers the pixel to fire. If they do not wait for the page to load, the landing page view trigger will not fire. This will show a click but not a Landing page view.

One of the other answers suggests that Facebook doesn’t count when someone bounces off your site quickly: not accurate I’m afraid. The above is accurate.
Also, GA should only be used to understand website behaviour, not measure conversions or ads success. Use the ads platform to measure ads. Use Analytics to analyse the website.

How exactly are you measuring sessions from ads in GA? Are you using UTMs, or are you looking at your overall data – with and without FB ads?

As I understand it, GA measures a session as a 30min visit, if they remain for 35 minutes, a new session begins.

⁉️ How can I plan online marketing for CBD products when CBD is banned on Google Ads, Facebook Ads? Can you give recommendations on how to reach people online?

Currently it is a bit of a risk on Facebook – but apparently, they are relaxing the rules on it a little bit in the coming weeks/months.

⁉️ How do Facebook dynamic ads work for a Facebook shop without any website?

Sorry, but they don’t. They rely on a product catalogue which is directly pulled from the website product data.

⁉️ What’s the best way to get my Facebook ad approved quickly? Are there specific phrases I should avoid in my ad copy?

Avoid calling out users based on their appearance, background, ethnicity etc.

Avoid making claims such as a personal trainer promising they will lose 5kg in the first week.

Avoid selling prohibited products. Avoid any blackhat bullshit. Stick to the rules once you are familiar with them.

⁉️ Does Facebook cost per purchase conversion decrease as the pixel is optimized?

It decreases as you get more conversions. Meaning – it will only decrease if you have a successful adset. If you’re $100/day and getting 4x sales at $25 each and the account continues to perform well within the first week (50 – 70 conversions per adset for full optimisation following the learning phase) then you might increase that number to 5 purchases day at $20 each.

As you scale the budget up, you may find your CPA increases as the ad account adjusts to the new spend.

⁉️ In March 2019, does Facebook allow “and” and “or” operators in ads and boosts? It’s not easy to see anywhere what rules are current.

In what context do you mean? As long as your copy is not misleading in any way, and you do not make specific claims in favour or your product or service, you should not have a problem saying “and” & “or” in your paid promotions. Some advertisers say you cannot use “you/your/you’re” too much as you’re calling out the audience personally but I have never run into this problem.

⁉️ What is a Facebook Dynamic Ad and how is it different from a regular ad?

Dynamic ads are dynamic – meaning that they change according to user behaviour and site visit history.

You know when you are browsing something and then you see the exact same thing on Facebook in an ad? You are receiving a Dynamic ad.

They work very well and can be extremely effective but require a product catalogue to be loaded into Facebook which is reflective of your website product, prices and details first.

⁉️ What can I do to bring more sales to my e-commerce business (FB conversion campaigns are getting me 0 sales), currently I’m only using FB ads?

Combine Google & Facebook strategies.

If you are getting 0 conversions there is something wrong with a stage of your buying process. What are you spending/

If you’re getting clicks, but no events triggered on your site, then you are targeting well but your site sucks.

No clicks? Poor targeting.

Clicks & Content views on the site? Targeting good, website Ok, the product sucks. And on it goes.

Find where the bottleneck is. Facebook ads can be very lucrative.

⁉️ Have you had major success selling small ticket items via Facebook ads?

Yes. More so than large ticket as large requires a longer funnel most often.

⁉️ Can you target Spotify subscribers specifically with Facebook adssSince (sic) 55% of all Spotify users connect their Facebook account? It seems I should be able to.

You can’t target subscribers specifically, but you can target the interest.


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