Learn to create Facebook campaigns that work, with real-time live support and training

Why FAT?

Tailored advice

The group is intentionally kept small you get the level of help you actually require. Whether you need a lot of a little; there's no support lottery on the calls, either. Everyone gets what they need.

Live Support

Daily group video calls and secret members-only Facebook group. There's no set and forget in this course - I understand that you need actual, real-life peer support.

Practical Training

I work directly with you from start-finish, hands on. You'll have worksheets to complete plus daily tasks, all covered in the daily emails and video. Practical training you can use.

Ready for an intensive walk through the Facebook advertising platform?

Aimed at the DIY-types, the course caters to the beginner but also the tried-and-tested level Facebook advertiser. By the end of FAT you will be able to plan, create and monitor your own Facebook ad campaigns. 

An intensive walk through the Facebook advertising platform. By the end of this course you will be able to plan, create and monitor your own Facebook ad campaigns.

You will work on building your customer avatar, create your offer/learn to describe your business or service for advertising, write engaging copy suited to the people you are targeting, build out your campaign from start-finish in Ads Manager, learn to monitor your ads. 

A small group ensures that every single participate has the right level of support for their needs.

The support provided involves:

  • Daily Zoom calls with screen share
  • Daily emails
  • Secret Facebook group with daily updates and live support
  • Real-time review and auditing of campaigns
  • Configuration of Facebook tools + how to use them to your advantage
  • Community feedback – submit your copy & creatives
  • Downloadable worksheets to frame your campaign

To participate, you simply need a Facebook page, $100 budget (paid to Facebook) and be available to be on the calls. 

Are you ready to learn not only how to build a Facebook campaign, but why each detail matters and how it affects your success?

Let's get started

8 Days | 6 Units | Limited participants | Daily emails | Daily group video calls | Live support | Private group
Launch price ONLY $99 - Enrolments CLOSE THURSDAY 14 JUNE