In a world full of coaches, experts, gurus and courses... sometimes we just wanna find our people and chill with them, learning things at our own pace and in a way that speaks our language.
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Have everything explained in a way that actually sounds like your language!


Attend candle-light vigils when Facebook bugs out with people who get it (and can put your mind at ease!)

Stay ahead

Be in the know (rather than in the dark!) when Facebook rolls out changes


Get real-time feedback on strategy and targeting

Tap in

Tap into detailed, personalised technical support


Download from years of experience when getting started

Plug in

Plug into knowledge to help bring your cost per purchase or lead down

Get Answers

Actually get some answers and a plan when results tank or change


Upgrade the way you run your ad account and start seeing actual results


Develop your skills beyond ‘boosting a post and hoping for the best'

FAME - Bridging the gap between small business and successful, sophisticated FB ads: All for just $49 month
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"I just wish I had someone I could tap into every now and then to support me with my Ads”.

“This learning ads gig is lonely”.

“After 30 minutes in a chat with Facebook support, I still sit here thinking: wtf?"

"I am still taking my questions to free groups...Isn't there something else?”

“I need help, but I need to build my kitty before I can afford to hire a guru to teach me or take over for me”.

Sound familiar?

I needed me when I started...

When I first started in advertising, I lost our last $400 or so. It wasn’t long before Christmas, in our first year (months) of running the agency. Little did I realise (but had it embarrassingly pointed out during a back and forth in my support inbox) I had actually duplicated a campaign and was spending double than I originally planned for. I thought I had turned it off!

Expensive mistake - especially at that point of our business. (Small business, small budget feels).

Fast forward 5 years and I now run ad accounts for high profile Events, multi-million dollar companies and train business owners and advertisers worldwide on a weekly basis.

When I was getting started out and as I developed and learned more, there wasn’t a whole lot of support for me to access. Of course, there were incredible advertisers I could buy some time with, but that didn’t match my budget at the time.

So I stuck with free groups, free training (downloading ALL the things, watching ALL the replays and joining ALL the webinars) and trial and error. And truth be told? Trial and error can be one of the most effective ways to cut your teeth with Facebook Ads.

But if you could do that while someone’s holding your hands...why wouldn’t you?

And if you could access that hand-holding for a small monthly fee (less than $2 a day!)...why wouldn’t you?

So, are you looking for a little hand-holding?
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Hiring an agency or freelancer to manage your Facebook ads can be one of the most lucrative and profit-building decisions you can make for your business. 

BUT, not everyone can afford the thousands a decent agency or advertising partner can cost.

FAME Premium has been designed to be dynamic, responsive and affordable. Because I know what it feels like to be daunted by the idea of shelling out thousands of dollars for coaching or training - and I also know how badly you need that extra help. 

As a dynamic membership - as opposed to a structured, deadline-centric course, you’ll have access to:

✓ Personalised group support with Fb advertising specialist Jess Riches & her team

✓ Fortnightly group call - Live, Q&A, How-to, Addressing common queries

✓ Weekly wrap-up email - what was new/covered/asked that week

✓ Templates - Plan your Facebook ads

✓ VIP invitations to webinars and workshops

PLUS, if you join today, you’ll become a Lifetime Founding Member. Lifetime Founding Members can stay in the membership as long as they like for $49. Forever. Even if membership costs increase as the member base increases you will never pay a cent more than $49.

Never pay a cent more than $49/month
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Jess was very helpful and gave a lot of very helpful tips to strengthen my Facebook ads for my new business Detoxology! She was more than accommodating to my limited knowledge on all this social media stuff as I’m new to it all. Thanks so much Jess - I highly recommend Jess

Claire Wileman, Detoxology



I highly recommend Enriches, they’re great! Jess has helped me set up facebook campaigns for my business. She has tracked their progress and optimised them to improve results. She is really good at finding audiences that respond to the campaign’s goals. Jess is very helpful and I feel like she really cares about the success of my business. She is also very approachable, I can ask her any question at any time and she gets back to me really quickly, always happy to help. She is really friendly and I enjoy working with her

-Paula Londono, Palmazul Swimwear

She clearly knows what she’s doing. Congratulations to anyone that gets to work with her.

-Cat Howell, Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social and the FB Ads Academy

Meet Jess

I am the Co-Founder and Senior Ads Buyer at Enriches Business which I run with my Husband, Ben.

We are an ROI focussed advertising agency, bragging on tangible outcomes: not soft metrics or dollars spent.

Now in our 5th year of business, we are fortunate enough to have worked with a plethora of clients: major online retailers, emerging tech companies, iconic Australian music festivals, major brand labels and education providers; to name a few.

In 2019, we realised that in social media advertising alone, we generated over $3 million in sales revenue. (This doesn’t count all ad accounts/campaigns!)

That $3 million figure is just inside of the last 2 years since we trimmed our services back to what we truly do best: Paid Digital Advertising.

While on the outside a digital marketing agency may appear to be the kind of operation that’s in the business of money and revenue, we are in the business of people. I am very selective of who we accept as clients; we work with businesses that we believe in, who are also committed and poised for growth.

As our agency has grown, our client base has, too. Each quarter our clients get bigger; bigger budgets, bigger teams, bigger resources… which is amazing and we are forever grateful to experience such constant growth.

But… the new businesses, the small and micro guys are still calling me. Whilst the agency’s business model is geared towards larger business and multi-channel digital advertising approaches, I still wanted to be able to work with the smaller guys without lumping agency and consulting fees onto them.

Few things in business give me greater pride than working with an emerging or established business and watching them go from strength to strength.

Hence, FAME Premium was born.

Giving business owners, freelancers and teams a chance to tap into expertise in a casual, attainable and affordable format.

Join us for a month, 6 months, 12 or more - It’s completely up to you. Start levelling up your Facebook Ads knowledge with a bit of hand-holding & personal feedback.

Join Jess & the best digital advertising agency in Australia (self-proclaimed, but we reckon it's true) in FAME Premium.
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