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The challenge posed to us from clients was to increase customer acquisition (take over more of the market) and decrease the abandoned cart rates.

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This campaign the middle of the funnel – the audience is a little warm, but haven’t taken any significant action (desired actions such as add to cart or purchase).

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In the bottom of the funnel, we retarget those who have taken significant actions, but are yet to convert.

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Tech sales

A 3-day campaign in conjunction with a disability awareness initiative

Jewellery Sales

Ongoing campaigns, forever being mixed up, driving traffic and increasing website conversions (Below we show a few different client ad accounts)

Facebook ads return on investment

Facebook ads converting

Cold traffic (customer’s first-time discovery of brand) – short campaign (jewellery)

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facebook ads proof it works AUSTRALIA facebook ads experts help with advertising

Event ticket sales (6-week campaign)

event sales with facebook ads

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