CPR for dying Facebook Ads

Halp, halp! My ads are dying a slow (or fast) death and I don’t know how to help them! *screams internally* *screams for real* 

 Facebook Ads tanking out of nowhere? TO KILL OR NURTURE? 

This post was written after The Great Blackout in March. It still applies and is a great CPR strategy. (Just ask our experts)

It could be one of the most important pieces of Facebook Ads advice we’ve shared.

Has anyone else been desperately performing CPR on their ads since major drops across the globe in March (or generally speaking?) Oh, we did. Some of ours suffered big time. 😭

So why so important? Because creating ads is one thing, reading them is another. But reviving them? A skill we are all going to need, no matter what.

This account bombed shortly after March 13 (The Great Blackout).

We were getting close to $5 cost per purchase (sitting between $4-12 across different ad sets). The KPI is $5-8 CPA.

THEN. In a 2 day period, we had only ONE sale at $77 cost per purchase 😨

Now we are back to $5 per purchase. 🤩

These are the steps we aim to take in this instance and what we did to revive this particular ad account:

🤓 Duplicate every single campaign that was converting before. This can reset the ad sets and as they back into learning phase, they should ‘learn’ that the targeting is effective and the adset should perform as it did before it bombed.

🤓 In this case, this sadly didn’t work (it should have!!!). So, we changed the creative altogether. Selected images that called out the main USPs, made the copy super direct (no trying to be clever or creative – just simple: this is why these are great – lucky you for stumbling upon this ad, essentially!)

🤓 This created a slight pick up (although the targeting didn’t change so this is a little odd because the original ads were nowhere near ad fatigue [aka. when people see ads too much and get bored with them] levels)

🤓 Stopped all campaigns. In early April, we saw conversions and optimisation totally droop across several ad accounts. So we turned them off for over 24 hours. Yep – Just stopped ALL delivery.

🤓 Then we recreated every adset manually on April 17. No duplicating to save the admin side (except for the creative that previously converted), not even using the audiences we had already saved previously in some cases. We recreated everything manually to truly set off a brand new, fresh phase of the ad account.

We stripped the top of funnel stuff (cold audiences) back to only the ones that REALLY performed prior. We focussed hard on a quality flow of high quality, likely to convert traffic, and used existing page posts which already had a great response. They were simple ads, not “clever”, tricky, ‘hacks’ ads.

Almost immediately, the last tactic worked.

April 7 – 13 = $37 per purchase
April 14 – 20 = $8 per purchase
21 & 22 – $4 per purchase (this may change as smaller spend given small timeframes factors in!😀)

Take a break.
Start again.
Remember simple output doesn’t mean simple return.

Tweak your prospecting ads if the retargeting isn’t converting or stops converting. It is unlikely the bottom is the problem.

And I don’t mean start again by copying what you’ve already done. I mean sit down with a pen and paper, map out what you want it to do and then spend time manually creating it.

Key piece of advice: The BOTTOM is only as good as the top.

Top of funnel sucks? The bottom will too.

Top of funnel healthy? The bottom will be too.

Questions? Bring em on. Join us here in the group Facebook Ads Made Easy.

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