Ben Riches – The Boss.

Ben is the actual opposite of Jess – she’s all feelings, he’s all logic. Ben’s sense of humour relies on a monotone delivery, which is why we can’t let him write his own bio. Monotone humour is lost when it comes to the internet. There’s just no context.

He’s a numbers guy. He’s the one clicking on stats, refreshing reports, calculating and obsessively monitoring your live website visits. If he could stalk online visitors to the checkout and “sales-guy” them into committing to a purchase, he definitely would.

After disappointing his Father by not following him into the floor-laying business, Ben found sales. His first sales job was door-to-door. We pretty much shouldn’t really need to go on about his persistence and drive from here, since that should paint the picture alone, but we will for the sake of the “getting to know you” bio style we’ve selected for our copy.

Between door knocking (and then some) and corporate sales, call centres and Business development, Ben found through sales teams that he also had a bit of a knack for leadership, management and training. This obviously led to sales training and management across a mass of industries. Honestly, there are too many to list. The guy has literally sold melted ice to not-Eskimos. (Water. He sold water.)

Working for sales companies was ok, but Ben was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has run a number of businesses, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, he found that there was a trending weakness to the ones that folded: You can’t do it all alone.

Taking his strengths (logic, numbers, being naturally analytical to name a few) Ben formed a business with his now wife, Jess, based on giving businesses the opportunity to outsource their weaknesses. These days Bens’ bag is training businesses in closing leads (usually generated by our amazing online sales funnels) and consulting digital and sales strategy with clients across Australia and New Zealand. He also does other stuff, but this is the most important part.

Ben will take the old school phone call over most other communication tactics, and is actually praised and appreciated for his down to-earth, honest and no BS delivery of feedback, suggestions and comments.


  • Burgers
  • Beer
  • My Wife
  • Books
  • Winning. *perfectly straight face*


  • Pumpkin
  • Rubbish books
  • Not being good at something (He has asked that I add that you stop asking him to play basketball)
  • The cat Jess adopted which actively rejects her and has claimed him
  • Injustice *batman voice*

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  1. Hi Ben Thank you for that very honest straight from the heart talk this morning at Small Business Week launch at Gympie about how you got started. You are an inspiration – well done.

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