How we achieved 16x ROAS with a simple funnel

Dear Marketing Gurus: WTAF is a “FuNneL”?!

“Bro, you’ve gotta funnel them down. That’s where the honey comes from”

“It’s better to have an actionable funnel with the cut-through in the middle”

“The only way to growth hack is to build out a funnel to capture that low-hanging fruit”

“It’s all about that omnipresence. And multi-channel helps, too”. 

“Funnel hacking”. (OK I added that last one just because it’s a classic and deserved a place in this blog).

Do you ever hear/read this and think…christ! Dude, just tell me what you actually mean or STFU!

So to cut-through (😉) the vague language, buzzwords and BS, I’m going to break down some results that got our client 16x their ad spend. 

Here’s why having a “funnel” matters (and what a funnel really is, for those who are very new).

A funnel put simply:

A planned stage-by-stage map of how you intend to move your customers from discovery (aka they know nothing about you) to purchased (aka money in the bank).

What you are looking at in the below screenshots (bottom) is an exceptional week we had in the final week of April.

$250 spent – over $4,000 in purchases – 16x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Of 13 purchases, 7 were credited to the middle of the funnel.

For this (e-commerce) client we are running it along the lines of this:

🔝 Top of funnel: 
Objective: Traffic
Optimised for: Landing Page Views (not just clicks).
Targeting: Constantly testing different audiences internationally.
Creative: Carousel with combo video & product in use images

↪️ Middle of funnel: 
Objective: Conversions
Optimised for: View Content
Targeting: Video views (from top), web visits who didn’t strike any conversions (nothing more significant than looking at a page), engagement
Creative: Carousel again, new video + single images linking direct to product with customer review

💲 Bottom of funnel:
Objective: Conversions
Optimised for: Add to basket
Targeting: All add to cart ex purchased 30 days
Creative: Dynamic (product catalogue) + video calling out what makes the greats great (sport industry) + small discount

Being a unique product – it’s a sport accessory but not as common as a football – we knew it was important to warm up our audience a bit and really teach them why the item is great.

We started with top + bottom but I realised by only viewing the site (sales page) they needed to be reminded as to WHY they needed it – and build that interest from “this looks neat” to “I want to own this”.

This is a very simple funnel. It’s replicable, and with practice, support and training, it’s a funnel you can follow, too. 

I pit its’ success to:

  • Knowing the audience well and constantly testing new market opportunities (I use CBO)
  • Having a decent arsenal of creative (images, videos, testimonials) ready to go when ads need to be changed or new ideas tested
  • Watching and layering in additional campaigns to keep the original audience engaged, purposefully feeding the bottom of funnel
  • GIVING IT TIME to do its’ thing. The week prior to this was 2.8 ROAS. Patience was my best friend in allowing this baby to take off and be given a chance to flourish and do better. It performed well the week prior and I could see the traffic coming through nicely and knew it would pick up
  • Tweak the top before you tweak the middle and bottom. If your top is shitty and the audience irrelevant or uninterested, the rest is shitty, too.

The overall ad account has been sitting at avg. 5.7 ROAS for the last 8 weeks.

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The 16x ROAS week we had

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Overall health of the campaigns

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