FINALISTS: Marketing Services ~ Australian Small Business Champion Awards



We are so thrilled and proud to share that Enriches Business has been selected as FINALISTS in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards for 2024, in the Marketing Services category.

The team is pumped!

This is actually the first time I have ever completed a submission for an award in 9 years. “Imposter Syndrome” always seemed to pop up at the very moment I would start/finish the submission and I’d close the screen, promising myself I would do it next time.

Which I know is totally silly, because for over 9 years we’ve been a leading and reputable Australian Digital Marketing Agency, growing our clients businesses and our very own team successfully.

So to finally have submitted AND placed as a finalist is extremely validating, very exciting and a bit of a new world for us! I am so proud of our big hearted, little team.

5,500 submissions and we have been recognised as worthy of finalist status in our field. From that massive pool of extraordinary Australian businesses. My gosh.

If I could go back to 2014, visit our little shack [partly house, partly converted garage, actually. Very tech-preneur 🤣] in Coolum, sit at the dining table, have a sip of the cheap wine Jess & Ben were drinking that evening, while working into the wee hours of the night, that one day, from the comfort of their own office space, with an incredible team and prestigious client portfolio, that they’d be recognised like this…I’m not sure they’d believe me.

We really didn’t know where it was going back then. We just knew we didn’t want to do what we were doing anymore, and needed something new. Something that was ours.

We now share that little dream with a huge circle of incredible people we wouldn’t have had the privilege to meet otherwise.

We are also especially proud to be representing the Gympie region. Winner or Finalists, we hope this recognition serves as a reminder that there is so much potential, growth and big, innovative things happening in country and regional areas of Queensland and throughout Australia!

While it’s only Ben and I in the image, make no mistake that it is the entire team here at Enriches – contractors included – that make us what we are and we know in our heart of hearts we wouldn’t be half the business we are without them.

And to you, reader, thank you. Reading this means you in some way are a supporter, interested or currently partnered with us (or maybe you’re my my mum. Hi Mum!) and we humbly thank you for being such a huge part of who we are.

In April we will find out who the winner for each category is, at a very fancy-schmancy gala event in Sydney. Whether we are the winner or remain finalists for Marketing services in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, we don’t mind. We already feel so fortunate to have placed amongst an incredible Australian small business landscape. We already feel like champions!

Jess & Ben Riches



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