Reduce Scam Messages on Facebook!

If, like almost every page admin in the whole world,  you’ve been getting loads of harassing scam messages every day – all day – to your Facebook page inbox, you are no doubt starting to go quite mad over it.

Since this year has started, these scam and spam messages are only seeming to get worse. It’s mind-numbingly annoying!

While for many, they are easy to spot as an illegitimate contact and obviously not a true reach out from Meta, not everyone has the experience to recognise a scam right away. In two Facebook posts, I have shared some tips on how to identify a scam when it arrived in your inbox.

This is a quick video explaining that the first and main red flag is that Meta will not inbox your business page to alert you to a serious problem. If “they” did, then you know it simply isn’t Meta. No, it doesn’t matter how convincing the message looks, because directly inboxing a page is not how they operate. Ever. At all. So if they inboxed you, or tagged you in a post, you can rest assured it is 100% NOT Meta and not worth paying attention to.

In this post – which is posted in our Free Facebook Group, Meta (Facebook) Ads Made Easy [which you are welcome to join!] I’ve broken down a few more red flags and tip offs – but remember the golden rule; Meta simply will not message you directly to your page.

OK, now that we know how to spot a scam, let’s work in reducing them and hopefully easing some of the frustration while the Meta gods (hopefully!) deal with this problem.

Below I have also recorded a video to demonstrate how to use Facebook Messenger automations to reduce your spam messages in Meta Business Suite.

  1. Head to your Facebook page > Messages
  2. Click on Automations
  3. Add new automation
  4. Start from scratch
  5. Name it simply: Stop Scam Messages
  6. Choose Messenger as the channel
  7. Under “When this happens” > Select new message is received as the automation trigger
  8. Click the + Add condition button
  9. In the drop down, choose “Keywords”
  10. Type in keywords that you are likely to get in these spam messages, but not likely to get in regular customer messages. For example, ‘trademark’ and ‘infringement’.
  11. When you’ve added a few keywords (recommendation is to keep it simple), under “Take this action” > Select ‘Mark As’
  12. Select “Mark As Spam” under “How do you want to manage this thread”
  13. Click the blue Save Changes button on the bottom right hand side




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