8x hours of paid ads training for under $100… 🫨

Jess here 👋🏼
I’m going to get straight to the point: I’m increasing the prices of my masterclasses and the replays this Friday (10/11/2023).
If you want to join a 2 hour Live Masterclass for $50, the next one is the last time you’ll be able to (with me anyway, but I don’t think anyone else is charging so little for so much content either).
If you want non-expiring access to a replay of my classes you missed live, this is the last time you’ll get them for $29.
I’ll be 100% honest about why I’m doing this: They’re worth more.
I have spent 9 years learning, refining and nailing advertising campaigns on behalf of my clients all over the world with budgets from $10 day to $10,000 a day.
And I have been giving that knowledge away for an absolute steal.
The other reason… keeping in my theme of radical transparency here… I sat in on another coaches class today. This coach charges THOUSANDS to his members and bootcamps. THOUSANDS! While I’m out here telling myself people aren’t willing to pay more than $50.
And today’s session was really good. He was great – confident, casual, likeable, smart. The info was solid.
In fact, the session was just as good as mine are.
And I thought – why the feck am I sitting here feeling like an imposter asking for $50 for people to access my 9 years of knowledge and experience? Why am I giving the replays away for $29?
I even *almost* added a coupon code to this email for you to bulk-buy the replays, and when I added them all up at current prices… it wasn’t even $100 for 4x classes. It’s over 8 hours of expert content… and I’m charging myself out at $12/hr for it 🫨.
See what I mean? It’s time.
As much as I love taking an altruistic approach to my business and fully believe in the power of giving and serving, it’s time to be really honest about how I stay true to that, while in accordance with the product: I operate through giving and service every day.
🎁 All of my masterclasses end with a Q&A session (you won’t see these in the replays) and the class goes for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to answer each and every question with as much clarity and detail as I possibly can. The last one went for 3 hours in the end, with the last 50 minutes dedicated to specific questions. 
🎁 I answer every single question in our Facebook group, every time. Usually with a huge note with lots of ideas and explanations and always with an offer to follow up.
🎁 I drop strategies, new features and advice in the group as often as I can.
🎁 Most of my reels on Instagram explain how to do things (truthfully, I do not create enough reels and I need practice at making them ‘cool’ – #LOL but the info is rock solid!).
🎁 I go above and beyond for my full time clients every single day – more ads, more copy, more reports, more emails, more time.
🎁 Free workshops, free classes for local business groups, free chats about strategy and no-obligation info-sessions via our website and Facebook page, every week.
🎁 Free audits of Meta ads, with a personal and tailored video from me, all of which went for a minimum of 20 minutes. I recorded audits until my throat gave in.
🎁 Freebies to download with LOADS of info – as I simply refuse to do the classic ‘surface level’ no-information time waster lead gen thing like others do (and yes, we get your email address, but we’re all grown ups here, we know how this stuff works). Here’s a current one ready to download.
And I love it.
I regret nothing.
In saying that, it is time to charge prices that reflect what you’re actually getting.
It’s not a money grab, it’s not a sob story and it’s NOT a trick to get you suddenly buying my stuff.
If I’m being completely honest (again)?
It’s me reverting back to a style of marketing and communication that always worked really well for Enriches: Jess being totally honest and sharing the realities of the business, while offering worthwhile education and support to you. This time, I’m trying something new as well; increasing my prices.
In closing, I appreciate you being here, SO MUCH. Like, so much… you have no idea how genuinely grateful myself and the rest of our team are that there are people out there wanting to hear from us, learn from us and partner with us!
Of all the marketing agencies, in all the world, you’re here on our website 🥰 It means a lot.
So, sign up while my educational resources are obscenely cheap, or don’t.
C/O the coolest digital ads team ever, my team.

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