Skin & Beauty: 6+ROAS for 3 years… and counting

Skin & Beauty: 6+ROAS for 3 years… and counting

Is there still any value in running Meta ads?

The simple answer? YES, with a but.
Truthfully, the game has changed – dramatically.
In general, costs are up, more niches are extra competitive, retargeting lost some of its’ lustre with iOS14.5 in 2021, automation has become a focus for Meta in the ads manager, we’re in the midst of an economic downturn with a looming global recession.
But it doesn’t mean there’s no point anymore. It means we need to be extra vigilant.
Hyper attentive.
Super crafty.
Bold, in making firm choices with our budget.
Brave, in trying new features.
Persistent, in pushing through when something we trialled didn’t quite give the ROI we hoped for.
The game has changed, but people are still buying things, signing up to professional services, hiring experts and attending events.
The difference now?
People are more careful with their money and time. So you must ask yourself:

Am I offering something in a way that compels someone to part with money and time, when both resources are so sparse for so many at times like these?

Additionally, ‘Facebook Ads’ aren’t what they were in 2017,’18 and ‘19.
Gone are the days one could turn on a generic retargeting carousel ad and cash in on every single conversion that happened on the website, crediting it back to the Facebook Ad (when in reality, a decent portion of those conversions were the result of a click somewhere else on the internet, and what we were seeing was Facebook’s penchant for claiming everything under a 7-day view window. Not to say the ads weren’t super effective, but there’s a bit more to it than turn on = print money).

Here are 3 things you can do right now to improve your Meta Ads performance:

Turn on automatic placements and optimise the creative for each placement. 

Meaning? Use media suited to the feed, suited to stories, suited to reels (if possible). Ads that look like they belong in the space someone is choosing to consume content will do better than ads that don’t ‘fit’, every time.











Scale your spend.

Why and where?
A few reasons but two main ones: costs are increasing and this is an auction. If you want to be put in front of the best opportunities out there, you need to pony up and compete in the auction against other advertisers. The next reason is because by increasing spends on adsets or campaigns that are either showing great or promising results,. You’re feeding more fuel to the algorithm to locate those opportunities you need to generate the return you want. Extra spend means reaching more people, and increases the likelihood of reaching the types of people you want to find within your optimisation (objective/intended results as set in campaigns and adsets) and targeting.
Diversify your spend. Yup. Marketing and Advertising is not a one-channel activity. Search, Tiktok, YouTube, investing in newsletters and building audiences you own off Meta owned channels is crucial. They all feed one another, and the outcome is hitting that target market from several angles and therefore… from several stages of buying. On Google, you’re more likely to find people ready to buy. On Facebook, you’re more likely to fid someone who hadn’t considered your product or offer yet, but became intrigued when you happened upon their feed. In a newsletter, you’re providing value and trust to people who have either considered you, or parted with money for your offer in the past, which is hard to convey on Google or Facebook Ad. On Tiktok, you’re becoming pat of their world and either entertaining or providing value, and we all know… people buy from people they like.

Above all, stay consistent, optimistic, ready to proactively react to your results and when things don’t look the way you hope that week, know it isn’t just you! Reach out for support from an expert (Hi 👋🏼 we’re offering audits!) or try something you haven’t tried before to mix things up and play to the system you are working with.


For full transparency: The screenshot included is health/beauty products. The filters I have applied are: had delivery, and I took one campaign out of the view as it is optimised for engagement and has no ecom stats against it. It is the last 30 days, targeting Australia. One of these 12 campaigns are targeting bottom of funnel. The account is concealed to respect my clients’ confidentiality expectations.


We’re ready to walk you through how we do things ’round here…

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