Target organic Reel views with Paid Ads

Target organic Reel views with Paid Ads

🚨 New Meta Ads feature to compliment your organic Insta strategy! You can now retarget your organic Reel views on Instagram with Paid Ads. 

So, your reel went viral 👀Now what? All those eyeballs and now… crickets 🦗

You can now take those views and create audiences for your paid ads to be delivered to! 🤯 Our Advertising team has been waiting [not so] patiently for this to be possible. It has been killing us watching clients do incredible jobs racking up those organic views on creative, funny, informative Instagram Reels and not be able to retarget those viewers with relevant, engaging ads!

When creating a custom audience from video views, be sure to switch the source for the views from ‘Facebook page’ (default) to Instagram Business Profile and you’ll notice a few videos you didn’t see before appear – they are your Reels!

Select the videos you’d like to target the viewers of (top tip: If you’re advertising a niched or specific product or service, try to select audiences that will find the ad content relevant based on the video they viewed – you’re much more likely to convert and hold retention) and save! Name it something clear so next time you open up your audiences – you know exactly who’s saved in that little group.

Retargeting using Instagram reels - instagram reel tips screenshot from instagram

Speaking of Reels… I (Jess) am making earnest attempts to film helpful Reels [😁] over at our Instagram and I made one about this very topic, showing the steps in Business Manager. Tap to watch now

Your audience will be populated over the next 30 minutes or so.  Be aware that custom audiences expire  – we are only able to retain certain actions for certain lengths of time. Such as:

📹 Video Views – 365 days

👍🏼 Post and page engagement – 365 days

🕸️ Pixel traffic (website)- 180 days

📃 Lead Form interaction – 90 days

🛍️ Facebook Listings – 180 days

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking eww. As a user, this makes me feel like everything is just an opportunity and not even my Reel doom-scrolls are safe from advertisers – and hey, I get it. The things is… your video views have impacted what ads you’re served for a variety of reasons this whole time. It’s just now we’re adding Reels as the medium and the source of the audience of views. And it doesn’t have to be grubby and harassing, if you follow few little rules with your retargeting.

The trick to successfully ‘stalking’ your audience around the internet is to be intentional and strategic:

🐀 Show engaging, interesting content in your ads

🐘 Prove people love you – show them reviews and UGC (User Generated Content aka pics of customers)

🐖 When retargeting, make it relevant. Rethink showing an ad for fitness equipment to an audience that watched videos about a dirty hamburger recipe.

🦄 Be aware of time passed- You can retarget someone for up to 365 from when they completed the action you’re targeting. So, if they watched a video for 3 seconds about your limited edition Christmas themed product 10 months ago, how interested in a totally different item are they going to be today?

🐨 Think about the customer experience when you enter a store and are looking for something to buy. Do you want someone in your face straight away shouting to BUY THIS THING!!!? I’m guessing… probs nah. When you enter a store, they ask you if you’re looking for something – and gently direct you to where you might find what you’re looking for. We can give audiences a similar experience online. Maybe you need to do a little intro, and a little rapport building first? Caption a carousel with a variety of items or collections or POD (Points Of Difference) with Primary Text that invites the audience to come take a close look at what you do.

This is actually HUGE for small businesses – Instagram *wants* us to use reels and video formats and are blatantly rewarding users for creating this kind of content by prioritising it in respective feeds. So when Instagram are getting behind you to support your views on organic content, and then Meta tools allow you to retarget that engagement as part of paid ad campaigns, you’re looking at a killer marketing strategy that works seamlessly with your usual content marketing!

Winner winner 🍗🍽️

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