What Are Facebook Ad Info Labels?

What Are Facebook Ad Info Labels?

Info Labels on Facebook Meta Ads showing Messenger response time

Is Meta (Facebook) pushing you to add ‘Info Labels” to your ads? You may have noticed posts and ads in your Facebook feed starting to look a little bit different in the past few months – sometimes they have extra bits of info that show you how many followers a page has, if they do free delivery or what their recommendation score on Facebook is.

They’re called Info Labels, and they’re one of the latest Facebook Ad features rolled out by Meta. They’re available for ads which are created within Traffic or Conversion (Sales) objective campaigns.

Info labels are exactly that; labels that act as visual highlights on your ads that feature important details about your business.

Advertisers have the option to add custom Info Labels or use pre-determined labels as recommended by Meta as you go through the process of adding them to your ad.  There are 3x main types of info labels you can opt to place on your ad:

  • Free Shipping
  • Return Policy
  • Payment Options, such as Afterpay, G-Pay and Paypal

There are also automatic additional info labels which you can select and they will display information which is already available on your Facebook or Instagram page, such as followers, reviews, messenger response time… and others. You can opt in and out of which labels you want to show any any time.


Info Labels on Facebook Meta Ads, showing Custom Label option

Why would I use Info Labels in my Facebook Ads? 🤔


The beauty of labels is they are a fast and easy ay to give the audience contextual information about your brand. You may not have a strong reputation in the region you’re offering your services in, and so being able to simply display a strong recommendation/review rating within the same ad (without giving up valuable real estate in the, primary text or headline) can add a edge to your conversion rate. Shipping and payment options are a huge consideration and motivational factor for new customers especially and being able to display this information could actually cut down the customer journey length in terms of time, as they don’t need to spend minutes investigating this on your website. Even if they don’t convert right away, you are bringing qualified traffic to your website, making for a stronger retargeting pool.

The other reasoning for using Info Labels on your Facebook Ads is that you should be test, test, testing all the fearful and fancy features Meta offers. When you see something new, try it. See what it does for your business If it doesnt work, put it back on a shelf for another day. If it does? Well, then, wasn’t it quite the stroke of genius you had to trial it in the first place? 😉



I can’t see Info Labels on my Ads Manager 😥


Two things: Meta rolls out new features account by account. So if you’re not seeing it, it could be that you don’t actually have the feature yet. The other reason may be that you are not building a Traffic or Sales campaign – as these are the only two objectives it is currently available for.


How do I get started using Info Labels on my Facebook Ads? 🤓


Simply click on the feature at the Ad creation label of your campaign within Ads Manager and follow the prompts! It’s actually quite easy to implement – the trick isn’t so much how, but what. Make sure it’s accurate, current and useful information. There’s no use putting free shipping labels on your ads if the shipping is only free for certain postcodes or placing Afterpay on an ad for a product that has a low cost and doesn’t qualify for Afterpay at checkout. As with anything in Advertising, accuracy and honesty is key.


🆘 I need help with Facebook Ads! 😣


Don’t sweat it – we’re here to help. Join our free Facebook group here or contact us to organise some support from our team. If you’re looking for someone to do all the ads stuff for you, we do that too. eCommerce brands click here for more info. Local/ services based businesses, click here for local packages.


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