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Jess Riches – Facebook ads specialist + Social media marketing nerd

Jess’ days are spent labouring over ad campaigns and writing witty, funny and captivating captions and ad copy – If she does say so herself. (Which I do, as I am the one writing this).

She’s worked in a number of different industries in her 30 years. This has managed to create a kind of multi-lingual social media marketer, as she can understand and speak the language of a huge array of industries. Does this help her copywriting abilities? Hells yes. Does this help her understand her clients’ needs and customers better? Awww hells yes.

A rather shy person, she often writes bios in the third person.

After years in jobs she was good at, but didn’t totally *love* (soz if you’re reading this, past employers), Jess found she had a real knack for writing clever, entertaining and easy-to-read copy in blogs and also social media updates for a past employer. Being the ever-obsessive researcher and student that she is, Jess started discovering a) how much fun social media was and b) how good at it she was! From there blossomed a bit of a love affair with managing Facebook accounts. Studying advertising on social platforms began right away – It was clear that’s where everything was headed and that has paid off dividends now (thank goodness for her psychic abilities) as Jess boasts some really mean conversion numbers. Client by client, her powers started growing and now…well now she’s just downright obsessed.


  • Dogs
  • Super (like, super) chilled red wine
  • Her Husband
  • People who smile at you for no reason *feels*
  • Little kids. Bless.


  • When people write “dose” and “his” instead of “does” and “he’s”
  • Brown bread, multi-grain bread… anything except for white bread. Yes, she’s aware of the health benefits… don’t try to change her. It’s a taste thing. Find a way to change that instead of harassing Jess.
  • When you adopt a cat because you want to love it and it actively rejects you but claims your husband as its’ life partner (this may, or may not have happened irl)
  • Bullying and cruelty

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