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5 Tips to make social content easy, fun and not-too-time-consuming

It’s important that you work on your social media so that it works for you. I repeat: Work on your social media so social media works for you. This isn’t meant to be another full-time job, or another stress to add to the daily life of a budding entrepreneur who has decided to manage their own social media (that’s you).

Here are my top 5 tips for making social media easy, fun and not-too-time-consuming:

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule – You can schedule your posts between 10 minutes and 6 months from when you create them. I would never, ever, EVER recommend you schedule 6 months’ worth of content, but I absolutely recommend that you schedule at least a week in advance.  This will not only save you time (it shouldn’t really take much longer than say, 2 hours – unless you are posting several times every day) but also prevents you stressing out each day that you need to “think of something” to post and then get it out at the right times. Which brings me to my next point…


  • Use a calendar – Now, much to the probable disgust of many online marketers, I do not like to use a content calendar that schedules every single post, on every single day, with caption, image and link all pre-prepared for me to copy and paste. For one, this is not fun. Two, it’s double handling. If you were a massive corporation with several departments in charge of marketing, hierarchy lines to go through approval processes and hundreds upon thousands, possibly millions of followers and customers, then yes, I would recommend you plan to the finest silt of detail. But if you’re just starting out and feeling out marketing, then I at least recommend a simple calendar that helps you keep track of budgets, important dates, where you’re posting, email outs, track what outcomes you want to achieve for what you are sharing, and keep yourself on track to communicate the right story to your following for your brand.


  • Get familiar with current memes – No, seriously. People love to laugh! And when you make someone laugh, they are more likely to like you. And when someone likes you, they are more likely to buy from you. Keep them relevant, appropriate and scattered. No one is following your page to watch you post meme after meme that bears no resemblance to what you are trying to talk about, share or sell. Be funny, but don’t be that guy who’s “on” all the time. And when I say meme, I guess I mean funny stuff, but try not to choose posts and images that are over-done.


  • Leave room for real, natural and as-it-happens stuff – Being organised and scheduled is great, but don’t schedule too tight. You don’t want to have to spend time moving things around so you can share something happy or important from the week, and you don’t want to post clumsily with posts too-close-together (in which case usually one will wither and die rendering it completely useless).


  • Have fun with a small amount of controversy – Ah, yes. Controversy. We’re aiming for light, healthy debates that result in some shares, tags and playful banter; we are not looking to make the national news under a “did they go too far” headline. Think more “who really invented the pavlova” and less “Donald Trump”.


This is an excerpt from the manual Creation to Conversion by Enriches Business which is due to be released March 2017. To stay in touch with us and claim yours, follow us on Facebook or join our free social media support group on Facebook here.

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  1. Thanks for great tips of making social content easy, it’s really useful for me as a beginner..You seem to have a good understanding about it.clear and simple… Thanks a lot for sharing.

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